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Why I support Wonder Girls

DEBUT 2007: Think about it- WG was the biggest girl group BEFORE they left for America. “Irony” was such an anticipating debut, because WG was like Fin.K.L. with all the “girl power” and charismatic, but sexy look. They were SEXY without even trying. Even though these girls were lacking, you could tell they were trying with the best of their abilities through their performances. Plus, their personalities were outgoing.

TELL ME VIRUS 2007: Everyone was really anxious of WG’s comeback. When teasers got out, everyone was like DAMN! Why? Because the girls were doing a new look. More of a retro, cute, and spunky look. Before they even came back, HyunA had to drop out due to health issues. Of course, Wonderfuls were really upset, but they still supported WG 110%. Later, Yoobin’s teasers were released. All the guys, and girls, were like HOLY SHIT THIS GIRL IS HOOOOOOOOT. They gained a lot of fans because of her. WG made a comeback, and it was P E R F E C T. The dance was catchy, the song was catchy, and they still had that charisma in them. Everyone across of Korea knew WG and was doing the dance- posting videos online and flash mobs. This was later known as, the Tell Me Virus.

Later, these girls won the Best New Female Singer/Group award.

SO HOT 2008: Do I need explain? This song was catchy and dance was also easy to follow. These girls went back to the sexy and cute look. Of course, Yoobin was still SMOKING. The girls did so many endorsements during this time, and everyone was swooning over WG. Once again, they still had the charisma “girl power” in them.

NOBODY 2008: What the fuck. What the fuck is this?!?! The slow teaser of Nobody was FUCKING BAD ASS. Ye Eun and Sun Ye’s vocals blew my fucking mind. These girls improved A LOT compared to their “Irony” debut. Wow. Even though I hated the wigs, the song, dance, and look, was refreshing. Even though it was still retro, the girls performed with elegance and again, CHARISMA. Wow. I don’t think I need to say anything else here, because you ALL know about the “Nobody” era.

These girls performed remixes of “Nobody” and they were all so so awesome. They won 2 major awards: MKMF’S Best Girl Group and Song of the Year/Daesang with “Nobody”. Can you give these girls a woot woot?

*CORRECTION: They also won Best Music Video of the Year with “Nobody”

2009: The girls had their 1st concert, and it was sold out quickly. They later joined the JONAS BROTHERS on tour, performing as an opening act. Oh my god. I know. THE JONAS BROTHERS. Even though they are Disney Channel stars, you gotta give WG props because that’s actually an honor considering the fact that the Jonas Brothers are a huge sensation for teens. Of course, they performed “Nobody” a lot.. Everyone got sick of it, yes, but Wonderfuls didn’t. This is when WG realized that they actually have a massive number of International Wonderfuls. WG got a contract with Justice! (girls’ clothing) and promoted a lot. I think it was here, but they were the 1st South Korean group to enter the charts of the Billboard. They won the Daesang and Group Musician of the Year award as well.

2 DIFFERENT TEARS 2010: Everyone was itching for WG’s comeback, but bad, but good news came. Sun Mi was leaving WG because she was so homesick and wanted to focus on her studies. After that announcement, Wonderfuls were leaving fanclubs and their U.S. debut album was delayed. The fuck, guys. Why would you do that? Anyways, they “replaced” Sun Mi with Hye Lim. Everyone didn’t like Hye Lim. THE FUCK. What did Hye Lim do? Did she diss Sun Mi or something? A lot of fans didn’t want to give her a chance, so they also left the fanclub. WG’s 1st comeback mind blown everyone and they started loving Hye Lim. The song was in 3 languages, it was catchy, the dance was also fun to dance to, and just a really basic retro concept. It wasn’t really special, but I got to say, their eye make up was awesome. They promoted for a short time period, and a lot of fans were upset, but, they were preparing for their U.S. album.

BE MY BABY 2011: ASDFGHJKL; oh hot damn! The teasers! WOW! Was Wonder Girls really going for the “rock-n-roll” look? HA HA. Surprise! No. I remembered non Wonderfuls were like, “I was beginning to love the WG, but that wasn’t even their title song…” I agree, I was a bit disappointing to find out “Be My Baby” to be their title track. However, I loved the song nonetheless. When the album released, I was like, "HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT I HAVE TO BUY THIS WONDERFUL AMAZING SHIT" 

Why? Because it was one of the best kpop albums of the year, imo. I especially loved “G.N.O.” and the fact that all of the songs are different generes and distinct from each other. This was their best album yet, and I am proud to be a Wonderful.

Wonder Girls, fighting!

btw, I didn’t proof read this, LOL.

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